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Center for Safe Schools Emergency Management and Crisis Management Initiative provides valuable resources for All-Hazards Planning, Building School/Law Enforcement Partnerships, NIMS Compliance, as well as a comprehensive variety of other resources for the prevention of school violence and recovery after traumatic events.

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Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model
An operational guide for preventing targeted school violence by U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center.

Free Resources Available from the Pennsylvania State Police
The Domestic Security Division of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) provides free services to assist schools. For technical assistance, other requests or to sign up for active shooter training contact PSP at 

NASRO: Best Practices for Armed Assailant Drills (2018)

Pennsylvania Good Samaritan Laws Affecting School Personnel

Emergency Management Policy (sample)

Emergency Response and Crisis Management for Schools and Communities


Chemicals to Avoid in K-12 Schools
An overview of suggested chemicals to avoid in K-12 schools.

Crisis Response Box (California Department of Education)
A Guide to Help Every School Assemble the Tools and Resources Needed for a Critical Incident Response.

Criteria for Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations
A guide for safety showers and eye wash stations to help prevent long-lasting medical problems and scarring.

Focus on Go-Kits
This document is intended to assist school personnel in selecting the appropriate materials for use in personal and school go-kits.

Model Door Numbering 
The Center for Safe Schools has compiled a model door numbering procedure for those districts and counties which have not yet adopted a numbering system.

Model School Crisis Management Plan (Virginia Department of Education)
This plan is for use by educators and law enforcement officers in developing or refining school division level and building level crisis plans. It includes model policies, procedures and forms that can be adopted or modified to meet local needs and accommodate existing resources.

National Education Association
Crisis communications guides and toolkit for before, during and after a school crisis.

NOAA’s Guide to Developing a Severe Weather Emergency Plan for Schools
This guide produced by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) will assist schools and other organizations to develop weather emergency plans.

PEMA School Planning Tool Kit

This toolkit is designed to provide for "minimum standard" emergency plans for schools in Pennsylvania. The kit includes a two-part plan (Basic Plan and Checklists), a PowerPoint presentation to use in introducing the planning process and a crisis planning guide published by the U.S. Department of Education.

Reinforcing School Safety
School violence in the media can cause concern within school communities, even if they are not directly affected by the event(s). This document by the National Association of School Psychologists can help school principals and superintendents reassure students, staff, and parents that schools are generally very safe places for children and youth and reiterate what safety measures and student supports are already in place in their school.

Responding to Crisis at a School
This resource aid packet contains materials such as overviews, outlines, checklists, instruments and other resources that can be reproduced and used for training and practice.

Test Message Worksheet

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